It is not necessary to seal all cracks and crevices. Start by sealing in areas where roaches are most numerous and if necessary, move to areas with lower populations.

  • If necessary, vacuum, wash, or steam clean the area to eliminate all egg cases, fecal material, dead and live roaches, and other debris.
  • Where gaps can't be sealed, they can be widened to make them less attractive for roaches. For example, moving the shelves away from the wall can widen the space between freestanding shelves and a wall. An inch-wide gap is not attractive to roaches.
  • For commercial kitchens, stainless steel shelving on wheels is available. Can be moved for cleaning and eliminates much roach habitat. Also portable stainless steel storage containers with tight lids.
  • Reduce clutter especially near areas of prime habitat, e.g. cardboard, newspaper and paper bags. Clutter vastly increases habitat. Use good sanitation practices
  • Eliminating as many sources of food as possible is very important.
  • The starvation that results makes cockroaches more susceptible to traps and baits. Roaches tend to congregate in areas physically attractive to them. If those areas do not contain food and water, the population declines. Sanitation alone will not provide control. With water, German roaches can survive a month without food and American roaches more than 3 months.
  • Reduce available moisture. Increase ventilation in humid areas. Eliminate leaks. Keep surfaces as dry as possible

Tools and Tips for Success.


Roaches love to hide in cracks and crevices

Roaches are also attracted to electrical devices and Electrical outlets.

German Cockroaches Feeding on Baits.


It is possible to eradicate cockroaches, but effort and persistence must be greater than their reproductive rate. To be successful, a multi-tactic approach must be used. This means not relying on a single strategy (like sprays), but using several types of control tactics.

  • Sanitation efforts alone (eliminating food, water, harborage) may not be enough to eliminate a cockroach problem, but will reduce the population and make other control efforts work better.
  • Getting rid of clutter is extremely important.
  • Eliminating water and food will make roaches move farther to obtain them and come into contact with baits and other control tactics.
  • Cleaning cupboards and under/around appliances is important. Keep a vacuum cleaner handy. Vacuuming roaches is an easy way to make a dent in the population. Just be sure to take the vacuum cleaner bag outside afterwards.

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