Sound Pest Management: Preventative Pest Control Program

Preventative Pest Control Program

We believe the best pest control program is one that keeps pests from coming in the first place. Through our Preventative Maintenance Program, our exterminators work with customers to regularly inspect their home, business and surrounding grounds. We identify and eliminate possible entry points and treat the perimeter to keep pests from getting in. With good, regular pest prevention, we help our customers remain pest-free so they never have to worry about infestation.

Through this program, customers have our pest control experts visit their location at a regular interval (monthly, quarterly, etc.). During the visit, our experts conduct a thorough inspection. They look for signs of pests as well as conditions that may increase the chance of pests entering the building. For example, they may look for cracks in the foundation or plants leaning against exterior walls.

After the inspection, we make recommendations for changes that should be made, such as the installation of traps or seals. We then apply a liquid application along the foundation, eaves and other entry points to keep pests from finding a way in.

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