Sound Pest Management: Spider Control

Spider controlIf you’ve got spiders living in or around your home or business, you have a pest problem. Spiders can spin webs in inconvenient places. They creep on walls and ceilings disturbing the people who see them. Some bite people and pets causing anywhere from a small itch to a serious medical problem.

While there are spider sprays in stores, getting rid of a spider infestation is not easy. Spiders are not as vulnerable to ordinary sprays and tend to come back after numerous treatments.

In addition, the fact that spiders can survive in your space indicates that there is a regular supply of food – primarily bugs and other small pests – that they catch and eat. Spiders pick homes with a ready supply of food. So while they may help reduce your other pests slightly, chances are the spiders picked your space because they don’t think the food supply will run out.

Sound Pest Management can help you get rid of spiders – and their food supply – for good.