Sound Pest Management: Paper Wasps and Hornet Control

wasp controlIf you have paper wasps or hornets on your property, it can be scary. Hornet and wasp stings can be very painful. They can be very serious and even deadly to people allergic to their venom. Wasps and hornets tend to nest in wall voids of homes in late summer and early fall. They can chew through the void and get into the home, creating a bad situation.

A Bit About Hornets and Wasps

Paper wasps are about ¾-1 inch long and are known for making nests out of a papery substance. They tend to be aggressive only when their nest or safety is threatened. However, when they nest near people’s homes or outdoor spaces, problems can arise.

Hornets are a larger type of wasp, sometimes growing to be more than two inches long. Like wasps, they are very protective of their nest and each other. When one is in distress, she sends a chemical signal to the others, which can cause hundreds of hornets to swarm and sting the threat.

Hornets and wasps, when they are not located where they may harm people and pets, are beneficial to agriculture and the ecosystem.

Removing the Threat of Wasps and Hornets

Sound Pest Management is a full service exterminator that specializes in wasp control.

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