Sound Pest Management: Roach Control

roach control

If you have cockroaches in your home or business, you have a health hazard on your hands. A roach carries a variety of bacteria that can cause diseases ranging from food poisoning to dysentery.

Roaches are one of the oldest known insects. They know how to adapt to their environment and survive. Unfortunately, that means they are very difficult to remove. More than 30 years in the business, though, Sound Pest Management’s highly trained exterminators can get rid of your roach problem and give you back your peace of mind.

A Bit About Roaches

There are about 3,000 species of cockroaches in the world. The German cockroach is the most common in the Northwest. The German cockroach is 12 to 17 mm (1/2 to 5/8 inch) long, tan to light brown, and has two dark brown stripes just behind the head. During their lifetime, females produce four to eight egg capsules, each containing approximately 40 offspring.

One reason the roach has survived so long is that they will eat anything organic. They prefer starches, sweets, grease and meat products, but will eat anything, including leather, glue, hair, starch in book bindings, flakes of dried skin or decaying organic matter.

Cockroaches are attracted to warm, moist environments. They spend the daylight hours in dark, secluded sites such as under refrigerators and stoves, and/or in crevices between baseboards and floors. They may also be found behind pictures or within electronic equipment. The roaches leave these sites at night to forage for food and water. The presence of a roach during the day may indicate a large roach population.

End Your Roach Problem Today

Sound Pest Management has the experience and knowledge to find the roaches invading your space, exterminate them, and keep them out.