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Do you wish to keep your home in Lakewood, WA bed bug free, so that you can live in it peacefully? If so, you need an expert bed bug exterminator. Since the year 2002, Sound Pest Management is a premier bed bug removal and bed bug control company serving the community of Lakewood, WA.

We help eliminate bed bugs from your home, helping you get a good night’s sleep. We use advanced bed bug removal services to effectively solve all your bed bug problems with quality products and services that are eco-friendly and health conscious.

Sound Pest Management is an industry leader by means of advanced and innovative bed bug control and bed bug removal techniques. Our Lakewood customers are our primary concern and we persistently search for more effective bed bug control methods, and products to serve you in a better way.

Bed Bug Control for Lakewood Residential and Commercial Property


Bed bugs have possibly infested man since primitive ages. These pesky and elusive creatures generally come into your home as hitchhikers on already used items like bed frames, mattresses, and possibly many other home articles.

Bed bugs are small wingless nocturnal insects that feed on human blood. They seek out to feed on human blood at night, when you are fast asleep, and bite painlessly, sipping a few drops of your blood. These bites generate raised lumps and small red welts on your skin.

If you are concerned about the bed bugs biting you and your family, Sound Pest Management can help.

Lakewood Professional Bed Bug Exterminator Services

Some of our bed bug exterminator services for our Lakewood customers include:

  • Commercial bed bug removal
  • General bed bug exterminator services
  • Preventive bed bug control treatments
  • Residential bed bug control

Why Choose Sound Pest Management in Lakewood?


Recognizing the bed bug infestation problem is the first step in commercial and residential bed bug control. Sound Pest Management is a leading bed bug removal company that offers expert bed bug exterminator services in Lakewood, WA. We offer a range of bed bug removal services that are result-oriented.

Our notable strengths include:

  • Comprehensive services
  • Same day bed bug exterminator services
  • Professionally trained crew
  • Priority to customer satisfaction
  • Experienced to handle different bed bug control programs
  • Dedicated and honest services
  • Break the life-cycle of the bed bugs

Why let the bed bugs keep you awake at night? Call Sound Pest Management at 253-777-1960!