Flea Removal for Federal Way Commercial and Residential Property


Don’t let the pesky little fleas bite you. With an increase in international traveling and pets kept at home, flea control problems have become a common household problem to Federal Way, WA. But Sound Pest Management is there to help you with flea removal.

Founded in 2002, Sound Pest Management is a leading flea removal company that is committed in making your home flea-free. Our flea exterminator deploys simple and eco-friendly solutions helping remove these irritating and annoying pests from your Federal Way home.

As your flea control company, our job is to make your home and office property flea-free. We get rid of flea infestation and prevent them from coming back. You can depend on our professional flea exterminator for effective, safe, and dependable flea removal services.

Preventative Flea Control * Prevent Future Flea Problems in Federal Way


Flea exterminator services provided by us to our Federal Way customers include:

  • Residential flea removal
  • Preventive flea control programs
  • General flea exterminator services
  • Commercial flea removal treatments
  • Affordable residential flea control

Flea Exterminator Services for Federal Way and Surrounding Communities

Fleas are mainly found in association with cats or dogs. Most of the time, dogs or cats that wander in neighborhoods pick up fleas and bring them home along with them. This starts the flea life cycle in your home.

Flea infestations are very general in your home and this kind of invasion can happen during any time of the year in Federal Way, however summer season is the common one. Flea removal and flea control treatments should not be put off.

If the problem is minor, it can be eliminated through pet grooming and regular vacuuming. If the infestation is heavy, you need to call an expert flea exterminator from Sound Pest Management.

Why Choose Sound Pest Management in Federal Way?


Has your home been infested with fleas heavily? Does your pet scratch very often? Are fleas biting you around your ankles? If yes, then you need to give Sound Pest Management a call. Choose us and you will get a flee-free Federal Way property which is healthy for you and your family.

Our noteworthy features include:

  • Attractive cash discount on flea removal
  • Effective flea control techniques
  • Economically priced services
  • Use green and safe pest control methods
  • Same day flea exterminator services
  • High quality services
  • Free on call estimates
  • Wide base of loyal and satisfied patrons
  • Accept master card, visa and discover

Wish to eliminate fleas from your Federal Way home or office?Call Sound Pest Management at 253-777-1960!