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Sound Pest Management is a leading bed bug control company serving Lynnwood, WA. We went into business in 2002, and have since established a strong foothold in the region’s pest control industry with high quality commercial and residential bed bug removal and bed bug control services.

Trained bed bug exterminator professionals, dedicated to restoring normalcy and comfort to your life as soon as possible, conduct all of our services.

We strive to provide you with lasting peace of mind. Our focus is not on temporary bed bug removal treatments, but on durable results. Apart from the responsive bed bug exterminator services, we also offer preventive bed bug control programs to keep the annoying bed bugs forever out of your Lynnwood home or business.

Bed Bug Control for Lynnwood Residential and Commercial Property

Our bed bug exterminator services to our Lynnwood, WA customers include:

  • Preventive bed bug control programs
  • Residential bed bug removal services
  • Commercial bed bug control treatments
  • General pest and bed bug exterminator services

Lynnwood Professional Bed Bug Exterminator Services


No other pest causes so much anxiety and discomfort as the bed bug. These resilient insects create deep infestations that are difficult to detect and remove. But, you cannot simply throw away your mattresses, carpets or furniture.

Professional bed bug removal from a knowledgeable and experienced expert is needed for an effective solution to the issue.

To spare themselves the expense that professional services entail, many people are tempted to try and solve the bed bug removal problem on their own.

Such attempts rarely succeed. Without detailed understanding and accurate treatment solutions, bed bug control is not possible.

Sound Pest Management provides you with affordable bed bug exterminator service. We do our best to price our services reasonably and offer free estimates over the phone.

Why Choose Sound Pest Management for Bed Bug Removal in Lynnwood?


When you develop a bed bug control problem, you look for quick, efficient and safe bed bug removal services. With our experienced bed bug exterminators, Sound Pest Management is well equipped to combat all levels of bed bug infestations. We have proven our expertise over innumerable projects all across Lynnwood.

Our distinguishing features include:

  • Licensed and insured bed bug exterminator
  • Fast, same day bed bug removal services
  • Reasonable and affordable prices
  • Dependable bed bug control services with long lasting results
  • Responsible and ethical services; use safe, quality solutions
  • Clean, friendly and professional technicians
  • Discounts for seniors, new customers, and regular service agreements

Get your free bed bug exterminator services estimate. Call Sound Pest Management at 253-777-1960 now!