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If the bed bugs are robbing you of a good night’s sleep in Everett, it is time you called Sound Pest Management!

Founded in 2002, we are a fully licensed and insured bed bug control and bed bug removal company serving the residents of Everett, WA. We pride ourselves on our sound work ethics, and are driven to provide our customers with quality bed bug removal and bed bug control treatments and outstanding customer service.

We design customized bed bug removal solutions for our Everett customers.After a thorough inspection by our professional bed bug exterminators to assess the extent of the infestation that you face, we plan and undertake an aggressive bed bug removal treatment to get your place free of these ‘tough to get rid of’ insects.

With us, you are sure to get the best bed bug control service possible!

Bed Bug Control for Homes, Apartments and Hotels in Everett


Bed bugs are the pests that have the tendency of settling in close proximity to human population. These can be found anywhere in Everett homes, motels, dormitories, hostels, and community living facilities. Actually human beings, especially children, and even pets, are their chief food source.

The bites of these irritating bed bugs leave you with bloody and itchy welts. The bed bugs spread very fast and before you realize it, your Everett home or commercial establishment is infested.

As soon as you suspect that you have a bed bug infestation, you need to contact a licensed bed bug exterminator for bed bug control. The bed bug removal or bed bug control treatment needs specific solutions and specialized techniques.

In Everett, Sound Pest Management has the expertise and resources required to detect and remove bed bug infestations.

Everett Professional Bed Bug Exterminator Services

Our bed bug exterminator service and treatment plan for our Everett residential and commercial customers include:

  • Residential bedbug control
  • Commercial bed bug removal
  • Preventive bedbug control program
  • Affordable bed bug exterminator treatment

Why Choose Sound Pest Management in Everett?


Sensitivity for our Everett customers’ suffering makes Sound Pest Management respond promptly to every call.Our meticulous bed bug removal and bed bug control services, as well as our great prices are the added traits that distinguish us from the other bed bug exterminator service providers in Everett.

Some of our special features are:

  • Over 28 years of experience in bed bug control
  • No-cost phone estimates
  • Highly advanced bed bug removal solutions
  • Handsome discounts for senior citizens and new customers
  • Professional, efficient and lasting bed bug exterminator services
  • Knowledgeable and trained technicians
  • Focused on satisfying the customers completely

Call Sound Pest Management at 253-777-1960 and ensure thorough bed bug removal from your Everett property.