Flea Removal for Kent Residents * Residential Flea Control


Is your Kent home infested with fleas? Is your pet scratching all over his body? If so, you need a flea removal company that gives a rapid response and solution to your flea control problems.

Sound Pest Management is a leading flea removal company that is a customer-oriented flea exterminator business committed to removing fleas from your business and home in Kent, WA. In business since 2002, we continue growing as a professional and most preferred flea exterminator company.

We pride of our capability to work effectively and efficiently, removing flea infestation using our cutting edge techniques and eco-friendly solutions. We have master skilled and qualified crew that is committed in making your home flea-free.

It is always best to call a professional flea exterminator company that deals with flea control issues in the right way. That’s Sound Pest Management!

Preventative Flea Control * Prevent Future Flea Issues in Kent

In the past few years, the number of fleas has grown to great extent due to long pile, fitted carpets, central heating, and an increased number of pets kept in homes.


Small but dark in color, fleas are a most annoying insect that are parasites on warm-blooded animals. Since the adult fleas feed on blood, they cause extreme irritation encircling the central dark red spot where they bite.

Since fleas transmit tapeworms and carry diseases, it is very important to control them for number of social and medical reason. The first step in the flea removal process is to identify the main host and then opt for a precise flea control solution.

Call an expert flea exterminator for flea control in Kent today!

Flea Exterminator Services for Kent and Surrounding Communities

Services provided by our flea removal company to Kent residential and business customers include:

  • General flea control
  • Preventive flea control programs
  • Residential flea removal treatments
  • Commercial flea removal
  • Affordable flea removal services

Why Choose Sound Pest Management in Kent?


Sound Pest Management eliminates all kinds of pest, particularly fleas. We offer assured customer satisfaction at competitive rates, which are second to none in the flea exterminator industry. Call us and we assure you will be satisfied by our services.

Our expert flea removal features include:

  • Professional and fast competitive solution
  • Fast call out times
  • Smart flea removal solutions
  • Preventative flea control maintenance
  • Friendly help and advice
  • Free estimates on call
  • Quality driven flea exterminator services
  • Well established and respected business

Tired of the pesky and creepy fleas in your Kent home? Call expert flea exterminators of Sound Pest Management at 253-777-1960!