Yelm Pest Control Services

yelm-pest-controlYour community is home to several types of pests and bugs. This, however, does not mean that the pests are welcome into your home or commercial establishment. Having pests invade your living or work area is a big problem and you need professional help to resolve it. While DIY pest control methods using over-the-counter chemical sprays can be dangerous, they may also fail to exterminate 100% of the pests so the infestation will return.

It is best to opt for the expert pest control services offered in Yelm, WA by Sound Pest Management. We are one of the region’s leading exterminators commercial & residential, helping people deal with pest issues since 2002. Our company offers pest control services to Yelm residents for treating infestations of many critters, including:

  • Ants
  • Rats and mice
  • Fleas and bed bugs
  • Cockroaches
  • Spiders
  • Yellow jackets

Our services as pest exterminators commercial & residential also include preventive maintenance programs.

Pest Control Company Serving Yelm Residents

pest-control-company-serving-yelm-residentsWe are a fully licensed and insured pest control company committed to delivering the finest possible results for the home or business owners. What makes us the industry experts and one of the most reliable pest exterminators commercial & residential around is our insistence on:

  • Employing highly knowledgeable, well-trained technicians
  • Investing in top-of-the-line pest management equipment
  • Utilizing high-quality solutions and materials
  • Taking a customized, detail-oriented approach to every job

Hiring our company for pest control in your Yelm property assures you of excellence and professionalism every step of the way, from conducting an inspection to assess the infestation to executing the treatment plan.

Yelm Exterminators - Commercial & Residential

yelm-exterminators-commercial-residentialWe are equipped to meet all types of needs for pest management and control. Whether there are property owners seeking one-time services of exterminators commercial & residential in Yelm or others who are interesting in receiving our regular service for a continuous treatment program, we cater to them all.

Regardless of the size and scope of the job we handle as exterminators commercial & residential, we provide superior pest removal services that leave our customers pleased with the results. With us, you can be sure of:

  • Getting same day service
  • Being treated with respect by our technicians
  • Having your property made pest-free
  • Paying fair and affordable exterminator prices

Call 206-430-1080 to learn more about the services Sound Pest Management offers as exterminators commercial & residential in Yelm.