Ant Control for All Types of Bonney Lake Ants


It happens even in the best of places and Bonney Lake, WA is no exception. The warm climate and perfectly radiating sunshine not only creates a great habitat for humans but is also ideal for adaptive species like ants to multiply.

Ants can be a real nuisance. However, we can help you in putting an end to your most extensive ant control Bonney Lake problems. Operating since 2002, Sound Pest Management is aimed at complete ant removal for your house.

Our ant control Bonney Lake service features:

  • Affordable and best quality ant control Bonney Lake services
  • Ant pest control professionals investigate the root cause of ant growth
  • Ant control support services ensure that you get quick help
  • Use a different approach for different kinds of ants
  • Successful and long term ant control in Bonney Lake

Ant Pest Control Services for Bonney Lake Home and Business Property


Most types of ants establish nests inside your home rather than just moving around for food. Ant species, like odorous house ants, pavement ants, carpenter ants, crazy ants, and thief ants may actually invade places in your homes and business properties all year round. Locating their nests, ant removal is the most direct and effective way of ant control.

Our state of the art ant pest control Bonney Lake services include:

  • Spraying insecticides
  • Creating ant bait
  • Using chemicals

Spraying insecticides is a short-term ant pest control solution that kills most of these ants and their eggs as well. Creating ant baits is one of the most effective ways of ant pest control in Bonney Lake. Different kinds of bait recipes are placed, luring the ants out for complete ant removal. We use sustainable ant control that targets only specific areas while using a minimal amount of chemicals for ant pest control in Bonney Lake.

Why Choose Us for Ant Removal in Bonney Lake?

The reasons for choosing us are quite obvious. We provide both commercial and residential ant removal Bonney Lake services.

Ant removal service highlights:

  • Non-toxic and eco-friendly ant removal Bonney Lake methodologies
  • Ant removal Bonney Lake offers for senior citizens and on referrals
  • Same day ant removal Bonney Lake services

If you wish to schedule ant removal services from Sound Pest Management, you can contact our ant pest control professionals at 206-430-1080 or 253-777-1960 and book a free ant control consultation in order to understand your problems and help you with ant pest control.