Ant Control for All Types of Kent Ants


In 2002, we started specializing in pest management services, including ant pest control, ant removal, and other pest control services. We are a name with decades of experience and provide you with the best available solutions to all your bug and pest infestations problems in Kent.

Your home has numerous corners, which are prone to infestations of various insects, bugs and pests. And while daily cleaning cannot help, we provide you with ant removal, ant pest control and ant control Kent services. We aim to provide you with nothing but the best in Kent and our ant removal and ant control services are specially aimed to make your home ant free without any possibilities for the pests to re-infest.

Several features of our team include:

  • Highly trained professionals with experience
  • Free inspection beforehand
  • Pre and post guidance provided
  • Use of the latest methods and technology
  • We take care of your safety

Ant Pest Control Services for Kent Home and Business Property


Ant pest control and ant removal is one of our specialized services in the area. We provide you with all the health and safety solutions to protect you and your family in Kent. Since ant infestations go unnoticed, it also causes several problems for the house inhabitants, and to curb this, we provide our services in ant control, ant removal and ant pest control.

Ant control and ant removal are required for a larger size of infestation while ant pest control is usually required at the early stages. There also needs to be proper identification of the pest or bugs. These infestations include:

  • Various species of ants
  • Squirrels
  • Rodents, including mice and rats
  • Bugs and insects
  • Spiders

Why Choose Us for Ant Removal in Kent?

ant-removal-kent-waWe provide the best ant removal, ant control and ant pest control services in the Kent area. But what is more important than scheduling these services is to understand the need. While many people fail to understand the risks involved with ant and pest infestations, they ignore the need for ant control, ant pest control and ant removal in Kent. To change this, we have mentioned the health issues related below:

  • Causes air borne diseases
  • Affect your lungs and respiratory organs
  • Harmful for pets
  • Affect the house walls, risks safety

To get the best ant control, pest control and ant removal services for the Kent area and beyond, call Sound Pest Management at 253-777-1960. Get ant control, pest control and ant removal services and get rid of the ant invasion today!