Ant Control for All Types of Redmond Ants


If you live in Redmond, WA and need ant control, Sound Pest Management is here for you! We can provide ant control in Redmond properties safely, quickly, and completely. We are experts of ant control in Redmond and take your problems very seriously. In order to get your home back on track, you need ant control professionals in Redmond who can finish the job effectively. We are one of the most trusted ant control services in the region. Established in 2002, we have become experts in ant control and make sure these pests never return to your house. We also take care of other infestations, and fix problems like:

  • Rodent infestation
  • Bee infestation
  • Rat & mice extermination
  • Commercial pest control
  • Roach control
  • Bed bug control

Call Sound Pest Management to get control of any pest situation in Redmond.

Ant Pest Control Services for Redmond Home and Business Property


If you have ants infesting your business or home property in Redmond, ant pest control should be sought immediately. Without ant pest control in Redmond, ants can weaken wood and other materials in your house by digging tunnels that compromise the integrity. In order to avoid a major problem with the structure of the building, ant pest control in Redmond is absolutely necessary. When you see ants inside or outside your home all year round, it means there has been an infestation and you need ant pest control. Sometimes, pest control is not required if you only see ants seasonally. However, if youÕd like to be certain you don't have an infestation, call Sound Pest Management. Our ant pest control professionals:

  • Locate the nests
  • Treat the infested area
  • Remove the infestation

Why Choose Us for Ant Removal in Redmond?


Besides services of ant removal in Redmond, Sound Pest Management also provides preventative pest control maintenance. Some of our ant removal clients keep having recurring infestations. Because of this, we become your ant removal and pest control partners by regularly visiting and inspecting your home. If ant removal service in Redmond is not used, infestations can become worse as time passes. Disregarding the need for ant removal in Redmond will require more time-consuming and expensive repairs in the future. Our ant removal service is better than our competitors because we provide:

  • Service as soon as possible
  • Professional and experienced technicians
  • Senior and first time customers special discounts
  • Estimates given for free on the phone

Call 253-777-1960 right now to get in touch with Sound Pest Management. We provide professional and elite services in ant control, ant removal and ant pest control in Redmond.