Flea Removal for Everett Residential and Commercial Property


Do you have a flea problem in your Everett home or business? Is your dog (or you!) scratching like crazy all day? If this is the case, you need to find a flea removal company to get your flea infestation under control quickly.

Sound Pest Management is a premier flea removal and flea control company that has professional flea exterminator services for your residential and commercial property. We have been serving the Everett community since 2002 and we continue to be a leading pest exterminator in the pest control industry.

We take pride in effective flea removal solutions through our use of eco-friendly options and our innovative techniques. With our professional flea exterminator services, Everett residents can depend on us for flea removal treatments and preventative flea control options for the future.

Preventative Flea Control * Stop Future Flea Problems in Everett


In recent years, we have seen flea infestations increase. This growth can be a result of carpets with longer pile and overall warmer environments as well as more pets are being kept inside the home.

Fleas are a most annoying insect which are parasites that live and thrive on warm-blooded animals. Because the adult fleas feed on blood, the victim is left with small red bite marks on the skin. Typically they are found on feet, ankles and legs of people.

Since fleas have been known to also transmit diseases, it is quite important to seek the assistance of a professional flea exterminator as soon as possible. The flea removal process involves identifying the source, applying the proper treatment, and then planning a course of action for flea control solutions for the future.

Flea Exterminator Services and Flea Control for the Everett Community


Professional flea exterminator services we provide to the Everett property owner include:

  • Flea removal treatments for residential flea infestations
  • Preventive flea control programs and recommendations
  • Commercial flea removal for fleas in the workplace
  • Thorough and effective flea removal services

Sound Pest Management is a pest control company that specializes in flea removal and flea control solutions. We offer guaranteed customer satisfaction at competitive prices.

Our expert flea removal services for the Everett resident include:

  • Professional pest and flea exterminator
  • Quickly call-out times
  • Experienced and trained flea removal technicians
  • Preventative flea control and maintenance
  • Friendly help and guidance for the property owner
  • Free estimates
  • Well respected and established pest exterminator

Tired of the annoying and pesky fleas in your Everett home or office? Phone the professional flea exterminators of Sound Pest Management at 253-777-1960 today!