Bothell Rodent Control Services for Home & Business

rodent-control-bothell-waIt is quite commonly for rodents to make their way into homes, offices, retail stores, and other commercial buildings. This poses quite a few problems and dangers for the property owners as well as the people working or living there. The rodents can:

  • Gnaw through and damage electrical or water lines
  • Carry pathogens in their droppings and spread diseases
  • Contaminate and spoil food
  • Eat holes into siding, walls, baseboards, wood structures
  • Invite health code violations

Fortunately, Sound Pest Management provides rodent control services in Bothell, WA so that the home and business owners do not have to suffer with the uninvited guests for long. Our company uses well-trained technicians and advanced rodent control methods to end the menace.

Bothell Rodent Removal to Minimize & Stop Damage

rodent-removal-bothell-waWe offer same day rodent control service for Bothell residents and our focus on every job is to bring our customers lasting relief from the nuisance that the critters create. Our company has been carrying out rodent removal from Bothell properties since 2002 and we not only eliminate existing infestations but also stop future ones.

Call us now for a free estimate of rodent removal cost. Rest assured that your rodent removal job will be done:

  • By competent professionals
  • With minimal disruption to your family or work life
  • Without any harm to your loved ones, pets, employees

Why Call Us for a Rodent Inspection in Bothell?

rodent-inspection-bothell-waA key factor in the exceptional success of our rodent control measures in any home or business place is the thorough rodent inspection we conduct at the start of the job. When you come to us for rodent removal services, we immediately schedule a visit by our technicians to your place for rodent inspection.

We carefully evaluate your rodent issue before deciding upon the right way to tackle it. The purpose of our rodent inspection in your Bothell home or business is to know:

  • How the pests got into the building
  • Where their nesting sites are across the property
  • How extensive the infestation has grown to be

Our rodent exterminator uses the information gained through rodent inspection to devise a customized rodent control program. We take care that every nook and corner of the property are checked out during rodent inspection so that our rodent removal and rodent-proofing is extremely effective.

Need professional help for rodent removal from your Bothell home or office? Call the rodent control experts at Sound Pest Management. Dial 206-430-1080 to schedule a rodent inspection in your property.