Edgewood Rodent Control Services for Home & Business

rodent-control-edgewood-waMost rodents rapidly breed all year long and increase their population with constant reproduction. And unlike many other pests, they do not hibernate through the winter months so if you locate rats or mice inside your home or business you need to call for immediate rodent removal because their presence may suggest an infestation that will continue to grow in size.

Our specialists are expertly trained in developing customized systems to end the life cycle of these pests for homes and businesses in Edgewood, WA that may include but not all inclusive:

  • A comprehensive rodent inspection and identification
  • Proofing to seal all cracks, utility entry points and holes
  • Sanitation treatments – indoors and outdoors
  • Trapping with multiple traps and carefully planned placement
  • Outdoor bait stations as required

If you suspect rodents in your home or business call and let our inspectors help determine if you have a serious problem!

Edgewood Rodent Removal to Minimize & Stop Damage

rodent-removal-edgewood-waOur specialists are expertly trained in effective rodent control measures to rid homes and businesses in Edgewood of rats and mice, and preventive methods to avoid recurrence.

In our area it is normal for us to receive a greater number of calls for rodent inspection during the cooler months but it is important to understand that you may have a growing infestation year-round requiring professional services to avoid significant damage to your structure, health endangerment and significant financial losses.

These are the types of damages you may incur:

  • Structural – chewing through wood, drywall and thermal insulation
  • Infrastructure – nesting in duct work, and damage to HVAC and other critical systems
  • Pipes – gnawing that may cause flooding, gas leaks and sewage system breaks
  • Electrical – stripping off protective insulating that could spark an electrical fire
  • Burrowing that undermines the foundation and causes structural shifting
  • Contamination – health hazards from spreading pathogens and airborne germs
  • Significant personal financial loss

We know how to avoid an infestation by keeping rodents from entering your structure in the first place.  Call us if you suspect a problem!

Why Call Us for a Rodent Inspection in Edgewood?

rodent-inspection-edgewood-waWe are one of the leading companies serving the Edgewood community with effective rodent control methods by first detecting infestations, then using customized solutions and techniques for rodent removal, and avoiding recurrence.

With the serious potential for damages, health risks and financial losses it is vital that you call for experts when you see evidence of rats or mice inside your home or business.

These are reasons to call us for professional services:

  • Trained specialists in advanced techniques
  • Significant knowledge in all aspects of pest behaviors and habitats
  • Same-day service
  • Affordable prices
  • Licensed and insured
  • Our extensive monitoring and maintenance
  • Free telephone estimates

Call Sound Pest Management for customized solutions to rid your home or business of rats and mice and the health and damage risks they pose.  206-430-1080