Flea Removal for Gig Harbor Residential and Commercial Property


Are your workers complaining about "itching" at tiny bites on their ankles or legs in your Gig Harbor office?

If that's the case, it is time to call the flea removal professionals at Sound Pest Management. We have offered the community of Gig Harbor expert flea exterminator services, including flea removal and flea control, since 2002.

We are a fully insured and licensed pest exterminator company that concentrates on ridding your Gig Harbor house or business of flea problems. Flea infestations are more than just irritating for the Gig Harbor home or business owner, they may also pose health concerns because they have also been known to transmit diseases.

Preventative Flea Control * Stop Flea Problems in Gig Harbor


The first signal that you may need flea removal services is by observing your dog or cat. Fleas make their homes on these furry creatures and spend most of their adult lives clinging to the family pet. Flea control is much more than just treating your animal; you need flea removal and flea control for your house or Gig Harbor office as well.

It isn't uncommon for flea eggs to wind up on the furniture, carpet or any additional place that your pet frequents. This also includes your blankets, sheets and other bedding if your pet is allowed on your bed.

Our expert flea exterminator services include stopping the flea eggs from hatching and killing the adult fleas that are currently inhabiting your living space.

The Gig Harbor property owner will further play a part in this flea removal and flea control process because frequent (at least daily) vacuuming helps to guarantee that all of the treated flea eggs are removed from your floors.

Flea Exterminator Services and Flea Control for the Gig Harbor Community


Flea infestations in your Gig Harbor office or residence are not something you just have to live with. Our professional flea exterminator services can provide flea removal treatments as well as flea control solutions and recommendations so you don’t repeat the flea problem in the future.

If your pet is always scratching, fleas could be the cause of the irritation. Many times you may also see these wingless tiny bugs moving or jumping on your pet's body. If fleas are present, it may not be long before you find flea bites on your feet, ankles and legs.

Don't delay getting the aid of a licensed flea exterminator to rid your home or office of those annoying bugs. Gig Harbor residents can call Sound Pest Management at 253-458-4200.