Flea Removal for Sumner Residential and Commercial Property


A flea infestation may be one of the toughest pest infestations to remove, but the trained and experienced flea removal experts at Sound Pest Management have what it takes to rid your home or business in Sumner, WA from these pests. Our fully licensed and insured flea exterminator and flea control company has been serving the Sumner community since 2002.

Hiring our flea exterminator and flea control services guarantees you:

  • Prompt flea removal
  • Customized flea exterminator and flea control services to suit your specific situation
  • Result-oriented flea removal services with proper products and technicians

No flea removal project in Sumner is too big or small for us. We take every flea exterminator and flea control job seriously.

Preventive Flea Control * Stop Flea Problems in Sumner


Are you a property owner in Sumner who is troubled frequently by flea invasions? You would do well to enroll in our preventive flea control maintenance program. We offer periodic flea exterminator services that have our experts inspecting your site for flea infestation and delivering the required flea removal treatment. Continuous pursuance of the problem ensures a permanent solution to the flea nuisance.

Once our flea removal experts come on the scene, flea problems will become a thing of the past for you!

Our flea exterminator and flea control services for Sumner include:

  • Commercial flea removal
  • Residential flea removal
  • Preventive flea control program

Flea Exterminator Services and Flea Control for the Sumner Community


We are a flea removal company that is not a fly by the night operator, but is here to stay! We realize that the quality of the flea exterminator and flea control services we deliver in Sumner today will determine the amount of business that we would be getting tomorrow.

That is why we are focused on serving our Sumner customers with the best flea exterminator and flea control services possible. Our flea removal services don’t look at temporary results, but are targeted at eliminating fleas from your property and preventing them from returning.

The features that make our flea exterminator and flea control services unique in the Sumner area include:

  • Professional flea removal experts who show up on time
  • Dedicated exterminator services to relieve clients’ tensions effectively and quickly
  • Premium quality flea exterminator services delivered at very economical prices
  • A rapidly growing client base built on effective flea removal work

When it comes to handling flea infestations in Sumner, Sound Pest Management is the flea control expert you can rely on. Call 206-430-1080 and ask for a free estimate!