Flea Removal for Tacoma Residential and Commercial Property


Every homeowner in Tacoma, WA knows that fleas are a big nuisance, but do they know that they cause tapeworms and spread diseases? Your family, life, health, and home mean the world to you.

To protect your world from flea infestation, Sound Pest Management was set up in 2002. Using advanced flea control techniques;we removeall your flea concerns. We use flea removal treatment solutions that are eco-friendly.

Since the beginning of our flee control company, we have been proudly performing flea exterminator services at your home and offices, thereby offering a healthy and hygienic living and work area.

Our core values set us apart from other pest control companies serving Tacoma. We are committed to high professional standards while providing effective flea removal services and flea control preventative solutions.

Preventative Flea Control * Stop Future Flea Problems in Tacoma

Does your pet scratch excessively? Do you see tiny dark colored insects hopping all around your Tacoma home? Are your family members getting bitten regularly, particularly around the ankles? If yes, then your home is infested with fleas.


Many people are very sensitive to fleabites, and scratching the fleabite often can result in infection. Fleas transfer tapeworms and carry a variety of diseases, which includes bubonic plague. Many times fleas can be difficult to control but calling an expert flea exterminator can be a great help.

Once your Tacoma house is infested with fleas, you need a thorough flea removal service, which is offered by a professional flea exterminator of Sound Pest Management.

Flea Exterminator Services and Flea Control for the Tacoma Community

Services provided by us to the city of Tacoma include:

  • Residential flea removal and flea control
  • General flea exterminator services
  • Residential flea removal services
  • Commercial flea removal
  • Preventative flea control programs

Why Choose Sound Pest Management in Tacoma?


You need to make sure that the fleas are not just removed from your building but are eliminated permanently. Each flea exterminator of Sound Pest Management aims in breaking the life cycle of the fleas completely.

Our noteworthy features include:

  • Prevent future flea infestation
  • Eco-friendly and result driven solutions
  • Effective flea removal solutions
  • Armed with complete quality-proven flea extermination solutions
  • Well executed preventive programs
  • Customer centric approach
  • Flexibility in approach
  • Carry out work with perfection and quality
  • Promptness in flea removal services
  • Knowledgeable and hardworking flea exterminator

Don’t you want to protect your Tacoma home and office from invasion of unwanted fleas? Call Sound Pest Management at 253-777-1960!