Pierce County Rodent Control Services for Home & Business

pierce-county-rodent-controlAre you hearing scratching in the walls or in your basement? Have you found rodent droppings on your floors or counters? Rodent control in Pierce County, WA is the only way to get rid of your unwanted guests. If unaddressed, your rodent control problem could:

  • Damage your property and furniture
  • Create health hazards
  • Invite more pests in
  • Cost more in the long run

With Sound Pest Management, you get the best rodent control methods in the area. We also have a fair rodent control cost that makes it easy for you to schedule your appointment ASAP. Before we leave, we’ll give you a handful of rodent control tips to make sure these pests never come back.

Pierce County Rodent Removal to Minimize & Stop Damage

pierce-county-rodent-removalWe all know that rodents are not our favorite house guests. Usually, homeowners want rodent removal in Pierce County performed as soon as they see the first signs of habitation. While DIY rodent control products may be your first go-to, we recommend professional rodent removal.

Our services ensure that:

  • Their nests are found
  • Each location is identified
  • Every rodent is properly removed
  • The area is cleaned
  • Exclusion is performed

With our rodent removal in Pierce County, you get humane rodent control measures at an affordable rodent removal cost. Our technicians also promise to reverse any damage the rodents may have caused, and always leave their work site clean and tidy.

Why Call Us for a Rodent Inspection in Pierce County?

pierce-county-rodent-inspectionIf you own a business or other commercial property, it can be difficult to know if you have a rodent problem or not. There is a lot of ground to cover, which is why we offer rodent inspection in Pierce County. Our rodent exterminator knows the best rodent control methods and can:

  • Locate any rodents on your property
  • Use the best rodent control products
  • Address any other pest concerns

Of course, we provide rodent inspection in Pierce County for homes, too. If you’re unsure if you’ve got a rodent problem or you’re not sure where they’re getting in, we know how to get rid of rats in house. Other rodent inspection companies may not be as thorough or as affordable as we are. Ask your friends and neighbors about us; we are sure they’ll be happy to refer you to us.

Need rodent control in Pierce County? Sound Pest Management is here to help with rodent removal. Call us at 206-430-1080 to schedule your rodent inspection.