Puget Sound Rodent Control Services for Home & Business

puget-sound-rodent-controlHave you tried DIY rodent control products, only to find that the pests keep coming back? You need expert rodent control in the Puget Sound, WA area. Here at Sound Pest Management, we provide just that. With us, you’ll receive:

  • High-quality rodent control products
  • Affordable rodent control cost
  • Expert rodent control tips
  • Friendly, respectful technicians

You don’t have to worry about inhumane extermination, either. Our team offers humane rodent control methods, including removal and exclusion. Rats and mice can cause a lot of damage to your property, though, which is why it’s necessary to call us as soon as you start to notice signs of an infestation.

Puget Sound Rodent Removal to Minimize & Stop Damage

puget-sound-rodent-removalIf you’ve ever had rodents in your home, you know the damage they can cause. If you haven’t, you should be aware of the risks. Rodents can:

  • Chew through walls
  • Pull out and nest in insulation
  • Nest in cabinets, walls, and even furniture
  • Leave toxic droppings
  • Create entryways for other pests

Rodent removal in the Puget Sound area helps prevent these problems before they become huge. It also ensures that you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to reverse the damage. With our rodent removal methods, you can also rest assured that you’re treating your unwanted guests as humanely as possible. With our rodent removal in the Puget Sound area, you get low costs, fast service, and peace of mind. Call us today to get started on your property.

Why Call Us for a Rodent Inspection in Puget Sound?

puget-sound-rodent-inspectionAre you wondering if you have rodents on your property? Call us for a rodent inspection in Puget Sound if you are:

  • Hearing scratching or squeaking
  • Seeing droppings
  • Noticing holes in walls, insulation, furniture, etc.
  • Seeing actual mice or rats

We provide thorough rodent inspection that will locate how they’re getting in, where they’re nesting, and exactly how many of them there are. From there, we use our most thorough rodent control methods. This may include calling in our rodent exterminator, using rat control products, or removal and exclusion. Depending on the findings of our rodent inspection in Puget Sound, we will let you decide on the best rodent control methods for your property. We also charge reasonably so you can get the services you need without worry.

Sound Pest Management provides exceptional rodent control in Puget Sound. Call us at 206-430-1080 if you want to schedule rodent removal today.