Rodent Control Services for Enumclaw Residential and Commercial Property


The residents of Enumclaw, WA should watch out for tell-tale signs indicating rodent infestations on their properties. These include:

  • Live or dead rats or mice
  • Droppings
  • Nibble or gnaw marks on food, food containers and elsewhere on the property
  • Urine trails or pools
  • Squeaking and other noises
  • Rodent nests in warm places

People who suspect their Enumclaw properties are infested with rodents should act fast and call the mouse and rat exterminator at Sound Pest Management immediately for rodent control and mouse control. We offer proven, methodical rodent control services that have fulfilled the mouse control and rat exterminator needs of Enumclaw since 2002.

After thorough inspection of the property, our rat exterminator and rodent control experts devise appropriate mouse control and rat exterminator techniques to handle the problem. Our knowledgeable and trained technicians work attentively so that their mouse control and rat exterminator services in Enumclaw meet with success.

Mouse Control and Extermination Services in Enumclaw


Rodents like rats and mice spell big trouble when they get into Enumclaw homes or business places.

The property owners get exposed to numerous problems, including:

  • Property damage like chewed up HVAC ducts, PVC pipes, etc.
  • Risk of fire due to gnawed electrical wires
  • Risk of severe diseases from fleas, mites and other vectors using rodents as hosts
  • Chances of infections from air, food and materials contaminated by rodent droppings

Enumclaw residents need urgent rodent control, mouse control and rat exterminator assistance to limit the damages and rid their properties of bothersome pests. Come to our licensed and insured rodent control company and get the safe and assured mouse control and extermination services you need.

Professional Rat Exterminator for Enumclaw Property Owners


When you need thoroughly professional rat exterminator and mouse control services in Enumclaw, you are not likely to find a better option than us. We have built an impressive reputation in the region’s rodent control industry with our dedication to 100% customer satisfaction.

Enumclaw property owners who entrust their rodent control, mouse control and rat exterminator needs to us can expect a hassle-free and pleasing service experience.

We serve them with:

  • Fast response to calls for rodent control, mouse control and rat exterminator services
  • Accurate and effective rodent control, mouse control and rat exterminator services
  • Fair-priced rodent control services,with discounts for new customers and senior citizens
  • Exceptional customer service from friendly staff

Enumclaw residents should call Sound Pest Management at 253-777-1960 for fast, affordable and reliable rodent control, mouse control and rat exterminator services.