Yelm Rodent Control Services for Home & Business

rodent-control-yelm-waHave rodents taken up residence in your home or business? Have you been unsuccessful in rodent removal using traps or baits? It is time you call Sound Pest Management for rodent inspection and control.

Chances are that for every rodent you see scurrying around in your living or work place, there are more hiding out of your view. These pests reproduce very quickly and usually venture out of their nesting sites at night. You will find it tough to remove them permanently without a professional rodent control solution.

We are the experts to turn to for rodent control services in Yelm, WA. A fully licensed and insured pest control company operating since 2002, we ensure complete rodent removal from your property using rodent control methods that are:

  • Customized by the type and extent of your infestation
  • Proven to be effective
  • Designed to prevent rodent re-invasion

Call us today to discuss your rodent control needs in Yelm.

Yelm Rodent Removal to Minimize & Stop Damage

rodent-removal-yelm-waThe presence of rodents in any home or commercial establishment is undesirable and a nuisance. A great deal of damage can be caused by the critters even in a short span of time.

Unless you act quickly with rodent removal from your Yelm property, you might end up with holes in walls, siding or baseboards; damaged clothes, documents, home appliances or business equipment; damaged water pipes or electrical lines; and contaminated foodstuff.

Our rodent removal experts can minimize and end these situations on your property. Call us immediately for rodent inspection, followed by rodent control measures when you first notice the signs of rodent infestation such as:

  • Rodent droppings
  • Nesting materials
  • Food debris
  • Gnawing marks on surfaces and structures
  • Scampering and other noises at night

Why Call Us for a Rodent Inspection in Yelm?

rodent-inspection-yelm-waFor your rodent control program to be effective, it is necessary to first determine the type of rodent you are dealing with and to determine how severe the infestation is. That is why we send a highly trained and experienced rodent exterminator for rodent inspection in your Yelm property.

Our professional:

  • Takes the rodent inspection process seriously
  • Works diligently
  • Creates a comprehensive treatment plan based on rodent inspection results

Calling us for rodent inspection and rodent removal means an effective, safe and complete solution to your rodent problem.

Contact Sound Pest Management at 206-430-1080 to learn more about our rodent removal services for Yelm residents.